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Is your preference to go relax in one spot at a beautiful resort?

Vacationing at a resort can be a relaxing holiday when you carefully chose your resort and your destination. Norbert can help you with information about a wide variety of destination resorts in different locations.

All-Inclusive Packages

All-inclusive vacation packages allow you to plan the general cost of your vacation beforehand. Most all-inclusive packages will include meals and alcohol, among other services, although some do have a variety of restrictions regarding which resort restaurants are included in the price or other specific restrictions. Norbert can research the information for you and help you be prepared before you arrive at your resort.

The most popular destinations for North American travellers wanting all-inclusive resort vacations are the Carribean and Mexico. Canadian travellers also often enjoy great resorts in Cuba, although travel to Cuba is currently still restricted for US citizens.

Norbert can research the availabilities of great resorts within your preferred destination, your preferred pricepoint as well as your preferred timeframe. Contact him today and start your planning now!

Let Norbert Kotscha from KVI Travel help you plan the best vacation option for you!

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