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Float down a peaceful river and enjoy incredible sights!

A completely different experience can be had by going on a river cruise throughout Europe and Asia. Scenic rides, no waves, smaller groups... all add to the experience. River Cruises vary by price point, to suit different budgets. Go down the Rhine and see countless medieval castles along the way. Or glide down the Yangtze River and be enthralled by the history.

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Uniworld River Cruises gives you intimate and up-close views of the majestic places you sail to. Sail down the Yangtze River in China and discover a country of phenomenal geographic diversity, reputed to be the single oldest, uninterrupted, civilization in the world. Discover the soul of Russia as you experience legendary cities rich in culture, tradition and royalty. Sail through Egypt and marvel at lush oases, modern cities, desert hills, and ancient temples and pyramids. Wherever you desire to go, Uniworld River Cruises will take you there up close and personal.

AMA Waterways

As one of the newest entrants in the luxury river cruising market, AMA Waterways features upscale cuisine, enriching ports of call, and an international feel. With unique amenities such as bicycles free for use by passengers to allow them to venture out on their own in each port of call, AMA Waterways is committed to providing a river cruising experience that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Viking River Cruises

Viking ships sail along the major rivers of Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China, visiting a wide variety of destinations. Experience world cities like Budapest, Kiev, St. Petersburg and Shanghai, and immerse yourself in local culture in the smaller towns along the way. Because so many cities and towns developed along waterways, they were literally made to be accessible by river. River cruising offers you more off-the-beaten-path destinations than you could see any other way.

Scenic Tours

Soak up the never-ending views that unfold along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers from Amsterdam to Budapest. Cruise along the romantic Rhine and Moselle Rivers from Amsterdam to Basel. Be awestruck as you glide through the incredible Iron Gate from Serbia to Romania along the Black Sea, and enjoy Russia's intricate, unique and extraordinarily rich culture.